Roosthaven Spa is a place to rest your tired and weary body. As you walk through Roosthaven Spa’s front door, you’re still thinking of all the things you still have to do. But not now, now it’s your time. You breathe in, a little shaky at first from the stress you’ve been carrying. The scent of roses and lavender fills the air. You are presented with a glass of champagne. You sip it’s sparkle, breathe in the aroma of the roses. Aaaah.. Exhale. You are taken to your spa treatment area. You can’t take your eyes off the beautiful garden that your room opens up to. There is a bright red rose on your bed. Small, personal touches everywhere that lets you know we’ve been waiting for you. Everything here has been prepared with you in mind, every small detail welcomes you and lets you feel as special as you are. You do so much for others… Let Roosthaven Spa do this for you.


Jean Roos and Louise Oosthuizen, owners of Roosthaven Spa, had a lifelong dream to create a place of tranquillity. A place where people from all walks of life can come and relax and be pampered. Both Jean and Louise come from rushed corporate lives, they understand that life these days is extremely hectic and we need to consciously make time for self-preservation or to spoil someone we love and appreciate.

Roosthaven Spa is a place where you will receive quality treatments, with the best products and made to feel special with a welcoming glass of bubbly, cup of coffee or refreshing tea.

Have a look at our range of spa treatments but give us a call and we can shape a combination, half or full day experience specifically for you.

Hope you enjoy your time at our special treatment “haven” – a place of shelter from the storms of life